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Always looking for eco/green and innovative solutions, E.CO.S. S.p.A. proposes SANIECOS OZONE SYSTEM for indoor environments. E.CO.S S.p.A. is the exclusive licensee of the patent MI U241 2007 to produce the ozone machine.
As a consequence of our confidence in the potentiality of this type of sanitization, E.CO.S S.p.A. has created SANIECOS srl, a company dedicated specifically to provide the ozone complete sanitization services.
All indoor environments can benefit from using ozone sanitization and SANIECOS s.r.l. offers solutions for each type of habitat which will achieve the highest hygiene standards.
SANIECOS sanitization system is quick and operative. It is able to sanitize each type of indoor environment in a short time, in a natural and ecological way, without altering the temperature of the environment and without the use of any additional products.

Ozone is made of oxygen molecules O2 and electrical discharges giving as result the reaction: 3O2 - 2O3. Ozone can also be produced by passing air through a high voltage electric shock or ultrasonic frequency. The element “ozone” is not stable over long term periods and it tends to revert spontaneously in “oxygen o2” through a phase of monatomic oxygen or "nascent oxygen". This instability makes “ozone” one of the most powerful oxidizing tool.
The ozone oxidizing power makes it a natural disinfectant: it allows for and provides a drastic reduction of all kind of bacterial species or viral pathogens present in the environment and it eliminates as well all kind of odors.
After its sanitizing action, ozone reverts to oxygen, leaving no toxic or harmful residue.

The ozone provided by SANIECOS system is suitable for all indoor environments, it sanitizes horizontal and vertical surfaces including furniture and furnishings. It penetrates deeply into all kind of tissues (carpets, curtains, mattresses, pillows, moquettes), entering in air conditioning and ventilation ducts systems, killing or severely reducing every microorganism.

Main SANIECOS Ozone applications are

  • Disinfection and odors removal.
  • Disinfection of habitats subject to potential microbiological risks (changing rooms, gyms, Cinema, etc.).
  • Static bacteriological treatment in storage areas for perishable goods (refrigerators, kitchens etc.).
  • Sanitation and odors elimination in hotel rooms, theaters, cars etc..

ECONOMIC advantages

  • Significant costs saving : due to chemicals products use reduction
  • Personnel costs reduction for disinfection and sanitation.
  • No special maintenance or service required for the Ozone machine before or after use.

GENERAL advantages

  • Environmental impact reduction due to no chemicals discharge into the drainage system
  • Waste management reduction due to no use of chemical packaging
  • The sanitizing action provided by ozone, accompanied by daily maintenance, provides a significant
    added value to the structure, as a sign of special attention towards to the users, the guests and customers

SANIECOS ozone generating machine has the following characteristic:

  • Self-controlled production capacity: 1.5 grams / h
  • Size: L = 26cm - H = 56cm – W = 17cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Power supply: 230 Volt - 50 Hz (Note: for 125 Volt - 60Hz (applications a transformer will be required)
  • Consumption: 0.30 kW/h
  • Carrying handle
  • Wheels for easier transportation

The included generator is user friendly: put the generator in the location to be sanitized, turn it on, set the foreseen treatment time, (for example 5 minutes or longer period depending on the treatment to be done), and the man job is completed. The machine turns of automatically atthe end of the pre-set time.

Some examples of ozone application felds for sanitation purposes:


Hotel rooms sanitization is one of the most common examples, but this treatment can also be applied in kitchens, restaurants and meeting rooms sanitation.


Ozone treatment will help to make cars, bus and trains bacteria and odors free. At the same time by keeping the motor on, with the air recirculation system running,f ilters sanitation will be provided..


An Ozone sanitizing treatment inside a health club or gym zone will provide at the same time both environment and equipment sanitization.