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The power of 4 leading company for a common target.


APRIambiente is a specialised consulting company providing highly qualified consultancy services and technical assistance for business development and investments in environment, sustainable development and energy fields. APRIambiente supports every step of the investment, providing technical, economical, legal, and administrative assistance through:

  • market demand study and strategies development;
  • economic models, scenarios and sensitivity analyses;
  • socio-economic and environmental impact analysis;
  • technical and financial assessment;
  • legal and environmental due diligence;
  • risk analysis and management;
  • agreements definition and negotiation;
  • investment management, monitoring and reporting.

FEDI Impianti

In the solar thermal field since 1997 and since 2000 performed in the photovoltaics industry. In the foreign market in 2003 and from 2004 achieved the worldwide trader status.
In 2005, well before the surprising growth of the photovoltaics industry which followed the introduction of incentives by the Energy Feed-in Tariff, we achieved a peak of 15% in the Italian market production.
Directed more than 1000 PV systems both turnkey or by partnership where the 70% was in a large size scale. In fact, more than 1% of the energy produced in Italy from photovoltaic cells comes from power plants built by FEDI Impianti.
We constantly monitor the plants at every stage of their lives.
We provide management, maintenance and monitoring for the entire national territory, over plants that we have realized or third parties have.

Our systems meet the highest quality standards and the international requirements and differentiate themselves for their aesthetic aspect , always appropriate for the environment in which they fit.
Each project is studied very carefully to supply the most advanced appliances and system and best quality/price ratio. The types of realized system are:

  • Systems for the increase of the energy efficiency and for the use of renewable energy sources;
  • Public and private lighting system
  • System for the transformation of high/medium tension and technological system for hotels, offices, theatres, sporting sites
  • Integrated management of the realized systems.

SMS Operations

Core business areas

  • multi-sectorial specialist engineering,
  • maintenance, and maintenance in global service,
  • assemblies,
  • the construction,
  • logistical services,
  • turnkey projects for industrial contract,
  • electrical, electrical/instrumentation and mechanical fields.


The most recently established area, is involved in development activities associated with the establishment of plants for the generation of energy from renewable sources, such as:

  • wind
  • photovoltaic,
  • plants for the production of bio diesel and similar products,
  • co-generation plants,
  • plants based on untraditional sources, like industrial waste, ordinary and specialised refuse,
  • all of the above have as a clear objective to minimise the impact on the environment,
  • preparation and following authorization process